Coalescence is Committed to Manufacturing Quality Products

We hold ourselves and our partners to the highest standards by implementing in-house quality assurance systems, routinely sampling products and capturing statistical trend data on key components of specialty blends to validate blend homogeneity.

The Quality Assurance team, as well as all personnel at Coalescence, are deliberate in our approach to allergen control ensuring our products are safe from cross-contamination. More so, we focus on proactive measures to prevent safety and quality issues utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) by thoroughly training our staff, while constantly seeking out opportunities for continuous improvement. All products are tested via a third party approved lab partner, and a certificate of analysis is included with every shipment.

Coalescence is proud to have received a Grade of “A” or “AA” since converting to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Audit scheme in 2011. In addition, Coalescence has also been audited and approved by many of our clients representing a variety of industrial, retail and quick service restaurants.

From sourcing to handling and testing, we go above and beyond to ensure strict standards of specialty manufacturing exceed our customer’s expectations.

Continuous Quality Monitoring Programs:

  • Allergen Control
  • Metal Detection
  • Pest Control
  • Equipment Sanitation
  • Food Defense
  • Chemical Control
  • Environmental Testing
  • Traceability