Last year was riddled with stories concerning poor mental health, and a growing dependence on the use of mind-altering drugs to help people cope with daily stressors. I too, like millions of Americans, struggled with anxiety as a result of living an unbalanced life. The inherent challenges that accompany being an entrepreneur, a wife and a mother proved to be overwhelming; forcing me to look internally and make some much-needed changes to my daily routine. I was spending so much time caring for others, that there was very little left for me. How often have we been on an airplane preparing for takeoff and heard the flight attendant give the directive to “put your oxygen mask on first”? This is sage guidance, because you cannot help others unless you first take care of yourself.

When engaging with my Coalescence family, I am not only interested in seeing how I can support them with their career aspirations, but also with their mental health needs. I understand that working in a high-pressure environment where excellence is the standard can be taxing. As a result I implore everyone to include time for self-care on their daily “to do” lists. To help facilitate this request, we have recently designed a sacred space at Coalescence where our team members are able to take time to meditate, reflect and focus on themselves if they choose. We will also be offering complementary restorative yoga classes onsite beginning in April.


I invite everyone to be intentional about taking time out for self-care. Here’s to achieving balance, peace and prosperity in 2020!




Angela N. Cauley