Our diversity of thought enables us to develop functional blends and flavors that not only taste good, but also help to heal the many illnesses and food insecurity challenges facing the world today.

As the founders we intentionally selected the name Coalescence because of its meaning, “to grow or come together into one”. This definition can be interpreted as producing homogeneous blends out of multiple ingredients however it also speaks to the miscellany of our staff representing different ages, nationalities, ethnicities, genders, religions and orientations.

When looking at the “C” in the Coalescence logo, one will notice the latitude and longitude lines which were inspired by the GPS coordinates found on the globe. The dots surrounding the “C” represent the diverse hues in the human family. The blending together of varying perspectives and talents when identifying solutions in the development and manufacturing processes has been the key ingredient to our success since our inception in 2005. We are humbled and honored by the talent that surrounds us on a daily basis.

We appreciate each and every one of our clients that have engaged with our company over the past 15 years. We welcome the opportunity to co-create with new partners in the very near future. With your support Coalescence will continue to serve our local and global communities through healthy and delicious foods.

Angela & Ian – Co-founders

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