Sustainability Mission

Supporting the communities we serve is not just a corporate goal, it is a personal responsibility

Coalescence’s mission is to be the premiere custom blending and flavor system manufacturer, specializing in providing healthy ingredient solutions to address global health concerns. Thus, we embrace corporate responsibility and nurture our founding core value in the most deliberate effort to succeed as an ethical, trustworthy and conscientious organization. Furthermore, we hold each employee and the companies we partner with to the same high standards.

A leading manufacturer of high-quality seasoning blends, flavor compounding, and vitamin & mineral fortifications, Coalescence is committed to good stewardship of our natural resources, global environment and diverse communities. Our commitment extends to the health and safety of all Coalescence employees, our suppliers and vendors, our customers, and throughout our eco-responsible plant and is shared and reinforced through our Coalescence Global Corporate Stewardship Code.


Sustainability can be found visually and written about throughout our organization and serves as a guide as we continuously look for opportunities to reduce waste, conserve energy and source our materials as efficiently as possible. This commitment is foremost in our use of recycling efforts from corrugated boxes, pallets, and energy conservation in our warehouse to coffee grounds, paper materials, aluminum cans and plastic bottles throughout our facility. Coalescence provides associates with the time and incentive to use their skills, passions and innovative thinking to give back to the community. Each person at Coalescence takes great pride in getting involved in charitable organizations and community efforts that change lives. Coalescence has also earned its positive reputation in giving back beyond our walls by sharing and educating through year-round S.T.E.A.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, Art, and Mathematics) and food science enhancement classes in the local schools and community. Summer enrichment camps, urban gardening, composting education as well as entrepreneurial courses for youth and adults are ongoing endeavors highly encouraged at Coalescence.

Being a good steward, Coalescence employs high school and college interns throughout the year to expose youth to the food, beverage and healthcare industry. With an exceptional job placement rate for our interns, we leverage our relationships to educate and hire future generations. Additionally, being thoughtful with our customers by investing resources in creating valuable ingredient manufacturing solutions while keeping our fingers on the pulse of what consumers want to see in their food is also effective stewardship. Thus, Coalescence takes our personal responsibility of feeding individuals, cultivating people, collaborating with partners, and sustaining the globe extremely seriously.