Supply Chain & Logistic Solutions

Coalescence Manufacturing Measures and Delivers Supply Chain Solutions

For manufacturers, managing the supply chain is critical for the company’s success. The same holds true for Coalescence, which prides itself on its supply chain excellence. From finding the best raw material cost to managing the inbound and outbound logistics for our customers, Coalescence has a dedicated team of professionals who can meet your needs through the entire solution.

At Coalescence, we measure and deliver supply chain solutions. As a mid-size manufacturer, we have supply chain strategies that align, adapt, and achieve the desired outcomes in order to compete with larger organizations in today’s global markets. Our internal proprietary software system assists in sourcing the most effective raw materials, determines the most economical freight and overhead costs. The tactical dimensions of our data analytics process allows us to optimize and maintain fair, yet competitive pricing.

Our team works deliberately to control costs of your entire process as well as passes the savings to your company and your end users. Additionally, membership in the Diverse Manufacturing Supply Chain Alliance (DMSCA) membership enables us to further amplify our knowledge and skills offering even greater efficiency and effectiveness.  Coalescence is committed to industry best practices and processes to achieve Supply Chain performance excellence. We are prepared to collaboratively and competitively position ourselves within your strategically-sourced supply chain networks to achieve your short and long term goals.

Shipping & Logistics

The Coalescence co-founders launched Halcyon Supply Chain Solutions to further support the shipping, distribution, and global markets of their customers in 2014. Halcyon is a supply chain services company with global reach and expertise that spans domestic and international transportation and logistics. In collaboration with Coalescence, Halcyon facilitates and manages comprehensive outsourced solutions from the factory floor to door delivery—that enable our customers to sharpen their focus on business innovation and market growth strategies.

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