Taste the Difference? Not With EggCeed.

Sponge cake utilizing EggCeed in place of egg whites at IFT Suppliers Night

Coalescence has innovated a powdered egg replacement system to combat the egg shortage crisis with EggCeed, a simple, yet advanced technology that delivers the same functionality of egg whites.

EggCeed can be effortlessly formulated to achieve a 25% replacement to completely eliminating egg whites. Without compromising quality or sensory appeal, EggCeed has been used successful in meat analogs and in baked foods with no change in texture, taste or visual appeal, while simultaneously maintaining freeze-thaw stability. This hypoallergenic innovation can be blended with other dry ingredients and can be Kosher-certified or Halal-certified if requested.EggCeed_FINAL

  • Ease of Use –Usage Rates from 25% to 100%
  • Egg Whites Substitution for Meat Analogs and Baked Good applications
  • Dependable and Predictable Pricing Compared to Unstable Egg Whites Costs
  • Preserves the Functional Properties of Food Products that Utilize Egg Whites


Let Coalescence demonstrate EggCeed as seeing, tasting, and steady pricing is believing!

EggCeed Flyer