As a unique opportunity to give back to the community, The George Washington Carver Food Research Institute (GWCFRI) was founded by Coalescence personnel dedicated to providing food science content, educational enrichment, and entrepreneurial  skills to “at risk” students and their families. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, GWCFRI works in schools, organizations, and throughout the community in the areas of food production, nutrition, self-esteem/development and entrepreneurship.

89c9e76ea821aca0410f80aa168a123cFrom these services, individuals will learn where food originates, but they will also grow herbs, vegetables and fruits in their environment.

Our program empowers youth and their families to experience the life-cycle of food similar to a rural farm, but within the environment in which the individuals live. Technology and engineering are meaningfully integrated so the participants have a clear understanding how STEAM (Science & Technology interpreted through Engineering & the Arts, all based in Mathematical elements) impacts us all personally and professionally.


meg-studentsThe entrepreneurship program is an opportunity to apply the STEAM-based learning to business. Working closely with our partners, the participants continue to grow, harvest and process food while learning fundamental business practices for starting and owning a business. George Washington Carver Food Research Institute provides policy and governance which allows educators, NGOs, governments, and other stakeholders to make more informed choices and decisions to enhance and sustain the local community. This inter-relatedness enables diverse individuals to come together for the good of the greater community, nation, and world. To learn more about GWCFRI, please visit